Easiest Poker Sites

When it comes to choosing what the easiest poker sites to play on are, much is going to depend on the level of your game, your choice of game and where you see most of your money coming from. Some players enjoy taking regular small amounts from the fish that populate US poker sites affiliated to casinos and bookmakers. These sites also attract the sort of player who is there to grind out a bonus and who can be taken advantage of by loose aggressive play.

Other players may be attracted by the substantial winnings that can be attained by playing on sites with the biggest feature tournaments. Although these may not always appear to be the most easy poker websites to win money on, being able to find easy qualification satellites among a wide range of multi table poker tournaments makes them easier. A number of poker players also enjoy playing games which are unfamiliar to the masses raised on an exclusive diet of No Limit Texas Hold´em. They believe that the most easy poker sites are those which cater for a wide range of poker variants, and which attract curious novices into their particular speciality.

UK/European Poker Rooms

To gauge what constitutes the easiest poker sites, you have to consider what attracts novice poker players to them. Bonuses and reward schemes are the two most common reasons for a novice player to register on a poker site and, irrespective of the size of the bonus or the appeal of a reward scheme, you can be sure that the novice player has not often read all the terms and conditions on what has to be achieved to redeem the bonus or gain their preferred reward.

The easiest UK and European focused poker sites are those who have a high profile and attract players to deposit funds in their accounts through email marketing and product sponsorship. Without a doubt, the biggest welcome and reload bonuses at the present time are being offered by BetOnline Poker, and 888 Poker tops the list of online poker sites offering unique reward schemes – with £5/$8 free money to get you started, and gifts such as tickets to premiership football matches, hot air balloon rides and Apple iPad 2´s featured in their online shop.

Best Poker Sites

One big problem concerning UK online poker players is the time difference between us and the rest of Europe – meaning that most of the most popular multi table poker tournaments take place earlier in the evening when it may not be convenient for us to play. Whereas Lock Poker extends the time available for UK poker players to indulge in a valuable tournament (due to its MTT schedule being geared towards US players), possibly the most credible option when looking for the easiest poker site, is to pick the biggest and the best.

PokerStars has all the things going for it mentioned in the opening paragraphs – ultra-tight players who can be shaken up with a bit of aggression, the most valuable tournaments, the widest variety of games on offer and, of course, the shiny-eyed novices attracted by the feature tournaments and satellites to major live events – who wouldn´t want to win a package to their Caribbean Adventure? PokerStars also offers around-the-clock action and a superb reward program which enables you to collect the cash to buy the gifts you want, rather than have to pick from what is on offer!

Easiest Poker Deposit Methods

One of the most important elements of choosing the easiest poker site is how straightforward it is to get your money in and – even more important – out of your poker account.   Both Party Poker and 888 Poker offer a variety of poker deposit and withdrawal options including Visa, MasterCard/Maestro, UKash, PaySafe, PayPal, MoneyBookers, Click and Pay, Neteller, EntroPay (versatile but hugely expensive to run!) and bank transfers. It is recommended to use MoneyBookers when depositing and withdrawing into/out of Lock Poker, and PokerStars use all the above poker deposit methods with the exception of PayPal – although if you ask them nicely, they will accept a Western Union transfer.

PokerStars have also just introduced a “Fast Deposit” feature on their tables, meaning that you do not have to visit the cashier every time you are playing on a cash ring game and run out of funds. Although this should not happen if you are following correct bankroll management, (so its introduction to the site implies that there are a lot of the fish on the site that needs this facility!) it does make PokerStars the winner of the site which offers the “Easiest Poker Deposit Methods”.


  • Choose the poker site which plays to your strengths and not necessarily the ones with the biggest promotions
  • Make sure that your site of choice hosts the games you want to play, when you want to play them.
  • Be aware that the easiest sites are also those that will have a disproportionate number of bad beats and suckouts
  • Ensure that the poker room you choose to play on offers you an option of banking in different currencies so that your edge is not erased by foreign exchange fluctuations

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