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California Tribes Unite to Propose Online Poker Legislation

Posted by Terry Nobles on May 20, 2013 at 9:13 GMT+0000

California TribesEight California tribes have united to draft an Internet poker bill that they hope will protect their business interests.

A new Internet poker bill has been drafted by a group of eight California tribes. While the tribes have previously opposed the expansion of gaming in California with the fear that it would threaten their poker business in the state, they are now beginning to unite in the hopes that this bill will protect their interests.

According to the proposed bill regulation of online gambling would be restricted to poker only and online poker licenses would only be awarded to tribes and land-based poker rooms that have been operating within the state for more than five years. Play on unregulated US facing poker sites would constitute a criminal act and the bill would prevent an operator from offering online gambling before the passage of the law from being able to enter the online poker market in California.

As more and more states are beginning to legalize online poker, it appears to only be a matter of time before California, the most populous state in the United States, does the same. Previous attempts to draft legislation in California have been thwarted, largely by the tribes. The elders of the California native tribes have stated that the timing is now right for them to draft their bill and that challenges and solutions to the issue of Internet poker need to be addressed.

According to a letter released by a group of tribal leaders, they are now drafting their own legislation in order to ensure that the policies protect the rights of their people and do not jeopardize any gaming rights. The tribes would like to prevent a situation where they are simply reacting to proposals made by the state on this issue.

There are numerous native tribes in California and their interests and concerns do not always coincide; however many have seen the importance of coming together now, particularly as Nevada, their neighbor, has just opened their first licensed real money online poker room. Passing online poker legislation in California may prevent Californians from crossing the border to gamble in another state and online poker in the state would represent a large sector of the US online poker market.